Countdown to Mayweather’s Next Fight: All You Need to Know

Countdown to Mayweather’s Next Fight: All You Need to Know

Short answer when is Mayweather’s next fight: There are currently no official announcements from Floyd Mayweather Jr. or his team regarding the date of his next fight. However, rumors have been circulating about a possible rematch with Manny Pacquiao in late 2020.

How to Find Out When Mayweather’s Next Fight Will Take Place

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is undoubtedly one of the best boxers in history, with an undefeated record and multiple world championships under his belt. While he may have retired from professional boxing a few years ago, rumors and speculation about his next match have been circulating among fans for months now. So how can you find out when Mayweather’s next fight will take place?

Firstly, it’s important to keep an eye on official announcements made by Mayweather himself or his promotion team – The Money Team (TMT). Following them on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram might be your first stop as they are usually quick to share any news regarding the champ.

Another option is sports tickets websites like Ticketmaster that tend to list details on upcoming occasions involving major fighters such as Floyd “Money” Mayweather. For instance, this website gives customers access to live sports events information all around the world including venue locations where different games will take place alongside timing schedules.

Boxing promotions companies also offer useful insights into scheduled fights; some examples include Premier Boxing Champions( PBC), Golden Boy Promotions, Top Rank Boxing amongst others who often showcase their sporting events across television networks while providing schedules online as well.

Furthermore,you could check other legitimate sources dedicated to offering periodic coverage of prominent fighting-related developments and affairs- these sites/bloggers provide updated and responsible views about every aspect of the game which go beyond just fighter-specific rave reports.So giving them a follow should earn you good returns

And if you’re feeling up for more investigative work? You can dig deep by researching through various sport channels(many of which directly televise matches) inclusive websites/forums globally dedicated solely for boxing.Although authentic news sources must be filtered we strongly advise against falling victim to fake promos/pricing scams relating due diligence should always come into play when purchasing tickets especially if its outside authorized reputable dealers’ domains

But wait! Before rushing off excitedly – There are some things to put into perspective: Floyd Mayweather is an elite athlete with a highly sought after reputation; even though he retired from professional boxing before, it’s not likely that his next fight will be announced anytime soon. He can remain unpredictable and schedules or opponent could change at the drop of a hat.

As we all know good things come to those who wait. We recommend you follow trusted news outlets dedicated towards boxing, keep your ears open for rumors and teasers in the grapevine while always remaining aware of official sources about any potential fights/challenges lined up by this legend- so when “Money” does eventually make his much-awaited comeback, you don’t needlessly miss out on witnessing history live!

Step-by-Step Guide: When is Mayweather’s Next Fight Happening?

If you are a fan of boxing, then you already know about Floyd Mayweather Jr. This undefeated champion has been dubbed one of the greatest fighters in history and his fights have become events that attract millions from around the world. And amidst all this hype and excitement, fans across the globe are eagerly anticipating the announcement of Mayweather’s next fight.

But when is it happening? Is he even fighting again?

Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about the possible upcoming fight:

Step 1: Follow Mayweather on social media

Mayweather is extremely active on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If you want to be up-to-date with his whereabouts and plans for an upcoming fight – make sure to follow him!

Over time, Mayweather teases his followers with information like signing contracts or meeting potential opponents but always keep your eye out for any official announcements.

Step 2: Check is an excellent resource where both amateur and professional boxers announce their scheduled bouts. You can create personalized accounts (for free) tailored specifically towards receiving news about different styles or individual fighters such as “boxing videos,” which covers combat-sports news from a variety of practitioners worldwide.

Once signed up (more info available through visiting, begin searching for periodical updates regarding Floyd Mayweather’s future fights. Don’t forget to double-check periodically because dates can easily change before ‘the big day.’

Step 3: Look at Potential Opponents’ Schedule

Sometimes finding out who will be challenging “Money” Mayweather helps narrow down prospective match-ups.

Some exciting prospects including Paul Spadafora or rising star Ryan Garcia might possess more defined scheduling taking away much speculation surrounding these contests than others yet don’t write off other optins without doing further research on alternative challengers – they just might surprise you come fight night.

Whoever proving themselves worthy enough between rounds inside a ring with Floyd Mayweather will undoubtedly leave crowd members and fans at home in awe as always.

Step 4: Tune into Showtime Boxing

Showtime’s boxing department regularly conducts interviews discussing future plans for several Olympic champions, current belt holders also hopefuls rising through the ranks – some fighters may get that call from their promoter indicating they’ll be taking on “Money” soon.

As exciting opportunities become more distant via rumors or attention perks up towards shadier events detracting worldwide enthusiasm around combat sports it doesn’t hurt to ask your cable provider if you have access to this leading supplier of PPV debut fights that could one day feature Mayweather himself!


It’s safe to say Floyd “Money” Mayweather has amassed an incredible following during his fighting career thanks to his unbeaten reputation and popular personality; while not all insiders know every detail surrounding the next time he steps inside a ring, there are methods fans can utilize towards staying informed about any upcoming bouts headed our way very soon!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Mayweather’s Upcoming Fight Schedule

As one of the most iconic and successful boxing superstars, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has captivated audiences with his precision punches and tactical fighting style. He is always in high demand for major fight events, and fans are eagerly anticipating details about his upcoming fights.

If you’re a fan of professional boxing, here are five important facts to keep in mind when it comes to Mayweather’s future bouts:

1. Mayweather Is Retired…But Not Quite

Mayweather announced his retirement from professional boxing back in 2015 after defeating Andre Berto via unanimous decision. However, he has since made two highly-publicized comebacks – first against UFC fighter Conor McGregor in August 2017, followed by an exhibition match against Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa on New Year’s Eve the same year.

In November 2020, he also fought YouTuber Logan Paul in an exhibition bout that ended up going all eight rounds without a winner declared.

So while we say “retired” technically…he’s still very much active in the ring!

2. Fight Mileage May Be Catching Up To Him

While Mayweather boasts an impressive record of 50 wins (including 27 KOs) over his career so far, age may finally be starting to catch up with him. At age 44 (as of Febraury 2022), comments have been made about whether or not he should continue fighting competitively; however many others believe that as long as there is money being thrown at him for these exhibitions why wouldn’t he?

Between sparring sessions and actual matches, fighters put their bodies through intense physical strain – particularly when they reach their forties!

3. The Possibility Of An Alvarez Rematch Looms

One opponent who hasn’t crossed paths with Mayweather yet but might? Saul “Canelo” Alvarez – AKA: one boxer that could potentially give ‘Money’ a run for his money!

In an interview with Showtime Boxing, Mayweather claimed that he could return to the ring yet again to face Canelo, citing the possibility of a competitive match-up. The two previously fought in 2013, where Mayweather won via unanimous decision.

However interested many fans would be in this rematch, whether or not it actually comes into fruition is still anyone’s guess.

4. His Company Is Involved In Exhibition Matches

More so recently than before his retirement (and certainly more-so post-COVID), Mayweather has been promoting and participating in exhibition bouts through his company “Mayweather Promotions”.

This allows him the opportunity to continue making millions without risking any real hits…as some speculate that no one will believe until they see Maywather take on another official professional boxing event against a top opponent.

5. It’s Unknown Who He’ll Fight Next – But Many Are Going To Watch!!!!

The biggest question surrounding Floyd Mayweather right now? Who will be next in line as the challenger for one of these exciting exhibitions?

While nothing specific has come out just yet about who Money plans to fight next – rest assured there are many fighters and companies willing (and pushing) for it! One thing that is certain? Plenty of people will tune-in watching wherever he ends up going head-to-head with!

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