Rallying the Crowd: Exploring the Best UK Fight Songs

Rallying the Crowd: Exploring the Best UK Fight Songs

Short answer uk fight song: “On, On, U of K” is the official fight song of the University of Kentucky Wildcats. It was written by Elsie Banks and first performed in 1926. The song’s lyrics celebrate school spirit and encourage fans to cheer on their team.

Learning the UK Fight Song: Step-by-Step Guide for Fans of All Ages

As a fan of the University of Kentucky, it’s essential to know and love the fight song. The school spirit is an enormous part of attending college or cheering on your favorite teams. Whether you’re attending home games at Rupp Arena or Kroger Field, or catching up from afar, there’s nothing quite like hearing “On, On U of K!” blasted across the stadium speakers.

So why not take this opportunity to learn every word and step? Let’s break down how to sing and dance along with the UK Fight Song in just a few easy steps.

Step 1: Learn the lyrics

The first step in learning any fight song is memorizing its words – both verses and chorus! Luckily for fans, “Fight, U of K” has three stanzas in addition to its catchy chorus that tends to get everyone singing along!

Verse One:
We will FIGHT (clap clap)
As we roll to that goal (clap clap)
Hail Kentucky hail( claps once per-word)
To thee our pledge we swear,
See those Wildcats flair.
Our Alma Mater dear,
Looks toward THEE
Raise her standard high,
Hold it steady NE’er BAR-EV-ER cry;

ON ON U OF K We are right for the fight today Hold tight stay True To The Blue And White We’ll march forward Singing this song loyal and true Our fighting team can’t be beat That’s why we’ve come here again through hell and high water To cheer on Kentucky HOME OF THE WILDCATS!

Verse Two & Three:
In After Years(claps twice) When Graduation Near,(claps twice) Again we’ll gather here(claps twice), Cheer our victories loud(claps once)*and clear,(claps once) And say ‘Thou Art(Very long shorts clapping during arrows)* still(2claps), Our Alma Mater dear(claps once).

Verse Three:
Kentucky, however far,
What winds may blow afar,
I pledge to thee my loyalty…
Forever true!

Step 2: Practice the Chorus

Once you’ve committed the lyrics of “Fight U of K” to memory, it’s time for vocal rehearsals! Start with practicing only the chorus. Repeat after each verse, and repeat until every note is heard loud and clear.

Step 3: Mastering The Rhythm (or cadence)

This fight song has a fast tempo that follows two distinct beats we refer to as rhythm or cadence. Many individuals describe this cadence as “chip-a-wa.” Learning how this works can take some getting used to; start by clapping your hands in unison while singing along softly, then gradually increase speed and volume as comfortable! You’ll soon find yourself moving naturally with the beat.

Step 4: Add Movement

It wouldn’t be a proper fight song if there wasn’t any accompanying movement. When cheering on UK’s Wildcats at home games or attending pep rallies – encourage swaying back-and-forth, energized step-hops movements accompany catchy sections like “On On U of K” (followed by two hops) typically repeated three times over *with participation* Oh yeah! There are no rules regarding creativity when it comes to crafting additional steps/dance moves- feel free to let loose!

In summary,

Learning an Alma Mater’s Fight Song brings all fans together regardless of age differences. It’s more than just learning words’ expressions but also knowing traditions behind its origin. As loyal supporters of Kentucky teams — rooting for UK involves chanting local heroes onto victory at sporting events across-campus activities from student organizations club gatherings :) Get those vocals warmed up because now is not for perfectionists—just having fun expressing your Blue & White fandom passionately!
Your Top UK Fight Song Questions Answered: FAQs About this Iconic Anthem
The UK Fight Song is an iconic anthem that has been heard at University of Kentucky football games for decades. This catchy tune has captured the hearts of fans, alumni and students alike, serving as a rallying cry for all those who bleed blue.

While many people know the words to this famous song by heart, there are a number of frequently asked questions about its origins, lyrics and meaning. In this blog post we will address some of these queries:

1) Who wrote the UK fight song?

The UK fight song was composed by Edwin “Bud” McCarty in 1935. At the time he was a student at the university and entered his original melody into a contest held by what was then called The Kentuckian Yearbook’s Board of Student Publications.

2) What are the lyrics to ‘On on U of K’?

“On! On! U Of K
We are right for the fight today,
Hold that ball and hit that line;
Every Wildcat star will shine;
We’ll fight! Fight! Fight!
For the blue and white,
As we roll to that goal Varsity.
And we’ll kick, pass, and run,
‘Till the battle is won,
And we’ll bring home our victory.”

3) Why do they usually play it four times through instead of just two or three like other schools’ songs?

The tradition is thought to have begun when former head coach Bear Bryant requested it be played multiple times in order to psych up players before big games.

4) What does ‘On on U.K.’ actually mean?

“On on U.K.” Is said to refer specifically to momentum during both athletic competitions as well as academic pursuits within administration buildings.”

5) How did ‘My Old Kentucky Home’ become associated with Wildcats sports teams too?

In 1928, My Old Kentucky Home became popularized due largely because Dr. Raymond Littell insisted on playing it at games in order to give what he said was an ‘air of sophistication’ and a nod towards Kentucky’s history of famous Bourbon distillation.

In conclusion, the UK Fight Song is more than just a mere anthem played during university sports events – it represents a true sense of pride and camaraderie among university members, alumni and fans. We hope this post has helped provide some answers to common questions about this iconic tune, educating newcomers on its heritage while warming even long-standing Wildcat enthusiasts’ hearts along the way!

For every college or university out there, their fight song holds a special place in their hearts. It’s that one tune that brings back memories of football games and school spirit like nothing else can. But for the University of Kentucky Wildcats, their fight song holds more than just sentimental value – it’s been recognized as one of the best in the country! Here are five facts you probably didn’t know about “On, On U of K!” (AKA “Wildcat Victory”).

1) The Lyricist Was Only 19 Years Old: T.H. Ehrich was an undergraduate student at UK when he penned the lyrics to our beloved fight song way back in 1922! According to legend, Ehrich wrote them while sitting on his dorm room bed…and if you think about it too much it sounds kind of romantic!

2) The Melody Actually Came First: Composer Robert Planquette actually wrote “Le Régiment de Sambre et Meuse” (The Regiment of Sambre and Meuse), which would later become Wildcat Victory’s melody, in 1870 almost half a century before UK students were arguing over whether Boyce Watkins or Margaret Ingram should be elected homecoming queen.

3) There’s Another Chorus That Never Made It: Most people only know one chorus from “On, On U Of K”, but there was originally supposed to be another part written by Frank Moseley. Sadly, due to some timing issues with basketball games and pep rallies around campus time ran out – so poor Frank never got to see his additional chorus live on forever outside his shower walls.

4) The Song Isn’t Just About Football: While we associate Wildcat Victory most strongly with football season now because historically speaking this sport has always been King- (“King,” get it?) -but the original lyrics to “On, On U of K” never mention football at all! Back in 1922 UK’s sports program was still very much focused on basketball… which seems kind of ironic now given Basketball Championship being such a big deal for Wildcats!

5) Fans Have Been Singing Wildcat Victory for Close to 100 Years: If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed about Kentucky over the years (aside from our love of bourbon), it’s that we’re pretty dang passionate about our traditions. And singing Wildcat Victory? That’s been going strong since Ehrich wrote those famous lines in his dorm room way back when! We’ve sung it through victories and defeats- no matter what happens every time we hear its familiar melody start up everyone feels a surge of pride and energy.

So next time you find yourself humming along with this timeless tune, remember these five fun facts – they’ll make sure you really understand why “On, On U Of K,” is so special to us Kentuckians!

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