The Curious Case of Canelo’s Desire to Fight Messi: Exploring the Possible Reasons Behind the Boxing Superstar’s Challenge

The Curious Case of Canelo’s Desire to Fight Messi: Exploring the Possible Reasons Behind the Boxing Superstar’s Challenge

Short answer why does canelo want to fight messi:

There is no evidence that Canelo Alvarez, a professional boxer, has made any public statements or expressed interest in fighting Lionel Messi, an Argentinian footballer and global sports icon. Therefore, the question of why Canelo would want to fight Messi is invalid without a source for such speculation.

How and Why Does Canelo Alvarez Want to Fight Messi?

As improbable as it might seem at first glance, there is indeed a growing buzz in the combat sports world about boxing champion Canelo Alvarez’s desire to fight soccer megastar Lionel Messi. Yes, you read that right – we’re talking about the Mexican middleweight kingpin who has been mowing down opponents with his lightning-fast hands and powerful punches for years now, and the Argentine wizard who has mesmerized fans across the globe with his uncanny ball control and effortless dribbling skills.

So why on earth would Canelo want to challenge Messi to a fistfight? After all, they don’t have any real beef or history of bad blood between them (at least not publicly). Well, some insiders believe that it all started as a somewhat tongue-in-cheek remark made by Canelo himself during an interview back in 2019. When asked which athlete he would most like to take on in the ring if given the chance, he jokingly replied “Messi”.

However, as often happens in these kinds of situations, what began as a lighthearted quip soon snowballed into something more serious thanks to social media amplification and fan speculation. Suddenly there were memes circulating showing Canelo holding up boxing gloves next to pictures of Messi grinning nervously; podcasts devoted entire episodes debating whether such a clash could actually happen; journalists cornered both fighters separately asking for their reactions.

Then things got even juicier when fellow boxer Chris Eubank Jr joined the fray by tweeting that he’d be willing to step aside from his own potential bout against Canelo so that he could face off against Messi instead. The idea was clearly gaining traction among some quarters of the combat sports community.

But beyond all the hype and banter lies a deeper question: why are people even entertaining this notion seriously? Boxing aficionados might argue that there is no comparison between two vastly different sports, and that trying to stage a cross-discipline matchup of this nature is silly at best and dangerous at worst. Soccer enthusiasts might counter that Messi’s expertise lies in his feet, not his fists, and that it would be ridiculous for him to get into any kind of physical altercation with someone who has spent years honing their punching power.

And yet… there are also some intriguing parallels between the two athletes that make the prospect of a face-to-face showdown irresistibly tantalizing from an entertainment standpoint.

Both Canelo and Messi are global icons in their respective fields, adored by millions around the world for their talent, grit, and determination. They have both faced obstacles along the way but have overcome them through sheer hard work and dedication: Canelo came from humble beginnings in Mexico to become one of boxing’s greatest champions; Messi had health issues as a child but used soccer as an escape route while growing up in Argentina, paving his way towards multiple Ballon d’Or wins.

Moreover, they share a deep competitive drive that fuels their performances – whether they’re inside or outside the ring. Both men hate losing more than anything else and will do whatever it takes to emerge victorious…even if that means facing off against each other!

At present time however neither man seems particularly eager to pursue this fantasy fight idea aggressively — perhaps because they’ve both got enough on their plates already with major tournaments coming up (Messi will represent Argentina at Copa America while Canelo currently holds titles across three weight classes). But who knows what could happen down the line? Maybe one day we’ll see these two legends clash under bright lights – only instead of kicking balls or throwing punches? Either way it’s clear another reason why this particular rumor never really lost steam was because people love nothing more than dreaming about wild scenarios involving crossover stars!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding Canelo’s Motivation for Fighting Messi

As one of the biggest athletes in the world, it’s no surprise that Canelo Alvarez has been involved in some pretty high-profile events over the years. However, his recent announcement about wanting to fight Lionel Messi truly surprised and baffled many fans around the globe. But why would a professional boxer want to get into a fighting ring with an established footballer who doesn’t even have any boxing experience? Well, here’s our step-by-step guide to understanding Canelo’s motivation for fighting Messi.

Step 1: The Money

Let’s face it; professional boxing is all about making money. And with this potential matchup between two sports giants, there is undoubtedly a huge amount of revenue on offer for both fighters. With millions of people tuning in from across the globe, sponsors flooding through every door they can find and celebrities clamouring for front row seats at ringside; this isn’t just going to be another regular fight night.

Step 2: Bragging Rights

In addition to financial gain, there’s also something majorly significant up for grabs – bragging rights! A win against such a popular athlete like Messi would give Canelo enormous prestige within not only his home country but internationally too. Imagine being able to add ‘I beat Lionel Messi’ as part of your resume — not something everyone could boast!

Step 3: Professional Respect

Not just anyone can casually challenge someone as respected as Lionel Messi without getting laughed out of town by their colleagues or competitors that share similar achievements and ambition. But thanks to Alvarez’s proving track record and courage inside the ring throughout his career- he actually possesses enough credibility amongst professionals where contenders will take him seriously if he put himself forward against world-class opponents.

When you close your eyes… imagine… somebody challenging Floyd Mayweather Jr before he retired (who had long-established status as considered “the best ever”), most fans wouldn’t raise their eyebrows much because Mayweather’s professional resume speaks for itself and his amateur record is seriously impressive. It’s the same idea here with Canelo challenging Messi; he clearly has confidence in himself, which could go a long way to garnering respect from other professionals.

Step 4: A New Venture

For many professional athletes, there comes a point where they crave something fresh or new after conducting what seems like an endless repetitive routine of sport that they love. Given Alvarez’s vast experience in boxing- it makes sense that he’d be curious about venturing into another form of combat competition, particularly one as diverse and exciting as fighting against Messi – whose mastery over soccer is unmatched by nearly all others who’ve tried their hand at it.

The motivations behind this potential face-off may not make total sense initially—but the more you think about each factor involved individually— money, bragging rights, professional respect boosting & getting stuck into something completely different than your normal field… It can start growing some legs. Maybe we won’t see this superfight come to fruition anytime soon- but one thing’s clear – Canelo Alvarez isn’t afraid to take risks to try opposing new challenges (which bodes well for lovers of unique sporting ingenuity everywhere).

Frequently Asked Questions: Top 5 Facts Behind Canelo Alvarez’s Desire to Fight Lionel Messi

Canelo Alvarez is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated boxers in history, with numerous world titles to his name and an unbeaten record. Recently, he made headlines for expressing a desire to take on Argentine soccer superstar Lionel Messi in the ring. Naturally, this has led to a lot of questions about why Canelo wants to fight Messi and how such a bout could come together. Here are the top 5 facts behind Canelo Alvarez’s desire to fight Lionel Messi:

1. It Started as a Joke

One important thing to note before delving into the reasons why Canelo wants to face off against Messi is that it all started out as a joke. In an Instagram post shared by Canelo earlier this year, he playfully suggested that he should swap boxing gloves for football boots and challenge Messi on the pitch instead.

However, things quickly escalated from there when fans began responding enthusiastically to the idea of these two sporting icons facing each other off – but in the boxing ring instead.

2. He Wants New Challenges

As someone who has conquered every opponent put in front of him thus far, it’s understandable that Canelo might be seeking new challenges outside his usual weight class or even sport altogether.

Messi may not have any professional boxing experience, but he certainly has quick reflexes and swift footwork honed over years as one of soccer’s most prominent stars. If anything, taking on someone like Messi would provide a novel challenge for Canelo while also generating global interest in what would undoubtedly be an entertaining matchup.

3. It Could Be Largely Strategic

If we’re being honest here: The proposed fight between Canelo Alvarez and Lionel Messi wouldn’t just be about whether one athlete can knock out another; there are some significant financial incentives at work too.

For instance: A global showdown between arguably two biggest athletes living right now (yes you read it correctly!) would be massively profitable for all parties involved. Boxing has become much more than simply a sport in recent years, with celebrity heavyweights like Logan Paul and Jake Paul pulling in millions of dollars worth of pay-per-view revenue despite their relative lack of experience.

Canelo vs Messi could prove to be one such highly lucrative encounter, with both men standing to benefit from its sheer spectacle alone.

4. It Would Be the Ultimate David-vs-Goliath Showdown

In many ways, Canelo Alvarez and Lionel Messi represent two opposite worlds – boxing and soccer – but at the same time they both stand as giants in their respective fields.

While this fight remains solely hypothetical perhaps it’s safe to say that people are already looking forward to find out what this “David Vs Goliath” inspired match-up could look like on paper; providing fans worldwide something new and exciting would surely appeal equally over these two personalities weighing around 80 kilos each (give or take a bit).

5. They’re Both Icons on Opposite Continents

The final key factor behind why this matchup has captured so much attention is due partly because the event airtime zone difference between North America for Alvarez & Latin America / Europe supporting their own continent hero Messi!

Both men have achieved unparalleled levels of success within their respective continents: Canelo is widely regarded as Mexico’s greatest boxers ever while Messi stands strong as Argentina’s most celebrated athletes globally for his soccer career achievements. A meeting between these two international icons therefore adds another layer of cultural significance onto an already fascinating prospect- especially when you consider how hugely popular sports celebrities generally tend to transcend boundaries!

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