The Ultimate Canelo Alvarez Fights List: Reliving the Mexican Champion’s Greatest Moments in the Ring

The Ultimate Canelo Alvarez Fights List: Reliving the Mexican Champion’s Greatest Moments in the Ring

Short answer canelo alvarez fights list:

Canelo Alvarez has competed in 56 professional boxing matches, winning 54 and losing only two. Some of his notable opponents include Gennady Golovkin, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Miguel Cotto, and Danny Jacobs.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Finding and Watching Canelo Alvarez Fights

As one of the most exciting and dynamic fighters in boxing today, Canelo Alvarez has drawn an enormous following worldwide. From his early days as a prodigious young talent to becoming a multi-weight world champion, Canelo’s fights are must-see events for any die-hard fan of the sweet science.

That said, finding and watching Canelo Alvarez fights can be quite tricky if you’re not familiar with the process. Fear not though – we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide on how to track down all of Canelo’s latest bouts.

Step 1: Know Where He Fights

The first thing you need to know is where Canelo usually fights and from which platforms he broadcasts his matches on. The popular platforms include DAZN (pronounced “Da-Zone”), ESPN+ or pay-per-view through television providers like DirectTV or cable networks such as HBO. For more detail visit their respective app stores here and here via this link.

Step 2: Schedule

The golden rule when it comes to scheduling your time around specific sports games/bouts is never assume that an event highlights channel will have them available at prime-time – trust us they seldom do! Especially for important showdowns such as those involving someone with as big a drawcard as CAneloi Alverez often only viewing rights against large TVnetwork budgets secure rights access ahead many other competitors leaving streaming services on options .

Therefore ensure before planning feel free check broadcaster schedule line ups well in advance approximate start times etc typically about three weeks ahead but schedules subject last minute changes fair warning!

Step 3: Social Media Scan

One way to keep posted about upcoming battles within your favorite fighting divisions follow fighters social media accounts closely especially leading up major matchup times posts sections displaying details surrounding fight cards/events might contain critical information for example promoters may use these outlets broadcast potential streaming companies outside PPV broadcasting agreements often promote their bout publically where fights can be seen for free or showing exclusive snippets from fight itself – in this case CA resorting to their Instagram account will keep you up-to-date with any updates and behind the scene footage of Ryan Garcia’s bouts.

Step 4: Research & live streams

One can often locate successful (and sometimes sketchy )livestreams by doing a quick Google/Yahoo/Bing/alternate preferred search engine inquiry, however quality varies greatly here depending on source’s signal strength internet traffic loads equipment available decent monitors should have something like HDMI ports connection types supporting USB slots projector accessibility versatility built-in technical specifications indicating is adaptable with peripheral devices such as chromecast Amazon Fire stick etc. More standard manufacturers include Samsung , Sony, LG Electronics brands models capable of producing ultra-high definition picture clarity owning one might enhance viewing experience significantly!

Step 5: Replay services

Sometimes it may not constantly feasible watch an event unfold because of activities vying ownership attention in your day plan hence options are open streaming service subscriptions alternatives implementing video replays access ‘catch-up’ footage shortly after broadcast conclusion fit well attempts catch crucial exciting instants without having much missed halfway mark
To conclude watching Canelo Alvarez bouts definitely requires some effort especially if PPV isn’t purchased finding a reliable livestream developing savvy techniques ensuring essentially that boxing community doesn’t get left behind when others wake up amongst record breaking moments showcasing skills pit against possible future candidates belt seasonal matches taking place!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Canelo Alvarez Fights List

As a fan of boxing, there’s nothing quite like the anticipation leading up to a big fight. With one of the sport’s biggest names in Canelo Alvarez, it’s no surprise that people are curious about his impressive fighting record. Here are some frequently asked questions about the Canelo Alvarez fights list.

1. How many professional fights has Canelo Alvarez had?

Canelo Alvarez turned professional at just 15 years old and since then has amassed an impressive record of 56 wins, 1 loss, and 2 draws.

2. Who was Canelo’s first defeat against?

Canelo’s only defeat came in September 2013 when he faced off against Floyd Mayweather Jr., widely considered as one of the greatest boxers of all time.

3. What is Canelo’s longest winning streak?

Canelo holds an extraordinary winning streak from May 9th, 2008 to December 19th, 2020 consisting in total with a whopping three dozen victories without facing any defeats!

4. Has Canelo ever fought outside North America?

Yes! In December 2016 he challenged WBO light-middleweight champion Liam Smith on British soil and won by knockout in the ninth round.

5. Who is next for Canelo ?

No upcoming opponent has been officially specified yet but it has been rumored that a rematch with Gennady Golovkin might be on the horizon after they previously met twice before including their controversial draw match.

6. Which division does he presently dominate?

After working hard and climbing ranks for several years across several weight classes, currently unified super middleweight champion as well as Ring Magazine world middleweight title holder.

7.Where can I watch replays of his previous combats ?

Streams of past fights featuring Saul ‘Cane-lo’ Alvarez indeed come accompanied with local availability constraints depending upon your current location however DAZN remains among most well-known platforms providing streaming services for his fans around globe to catch up with at any convenient schedule timings.

In conclusion, Canelo Alvarez has been a dominant force in the boxing world for over a decade and consistently surprises his fans with outstanding performances inside the ring. He continues proving himself as an elite fighter with every competition he steps into, regardless of where it takes place or who might be standing across from him in the squared circle. It’s no wonder why people are so intrigued about his fights list – there’s just something special about watching a true champion do what they do best!

Top 5 Things to Know About Canelo Alvarez’s Most Memorable Fights

Canelo Alvarez is one of the most passionate and skilled boxers in modern boxing history. He has taken part in some truly memorable fights which have entertained millions of fans worldwide.

But what sets Canelo apart from his peers? In this blog, we take a closer look at the top five things you need to know about his most iconic battles:

1. The Gennady Golovkin Trilogy
Few boxer rivalries have been as intense as that between Canelo and GGG (Gennady Golovkin). Their three famous fights were all unforgettable for different reasons, but it’s fair to say they were evenly matched across all bouts. Even with scores constantly up held high by both camps throughout each fight, neither could claim complete victory over the other; making for an unpredictable and exciting spectacle every time.

2. Juilo Cesar Chavez Jr.
Despite coming into this bout having lost only once before – to Floyd Mayweather Jr., no less – plenty of eyes would still be on him when he faced off against junior-Chavez back in 2017 after years of banter back-and-forth through media outlets between the two fighters ; many viewers expected nothing short than absolute war to finish out their longstanding feud. Though commanding leads early on was quick work for Canelo here, Chavez managed to rebound slightly later on powering explosively through rounds ten onwards giving some depth & variation within the fight flow unseen elsewhere.

3.Floyd Mayweather Jr.
When “Money” lives up so fiercely-fittingly enough their surname stays swarmed around any conversation concerning arena-counting income or grandeur profit maximization feats; your resume automatically becomes elevated by association somewhat — This certainly being true for Alvarez whilst facing perhaps Boxing’s biggest superstar since Muhammad Ali himself Mr May weather Jnr.. Despite witnessing arguably one of his toughest defeats ever during rematch with Mayweather in September 2013 via split decision despite cutting ring positioning quite clevery at times in defense, all looking to One of boxing’s current living legends still continue dominating welterweight matchups up now in their 40’s.

4. Amir Khan
Before the old-school combatants could potentially decide on who would walk out on top; Khan entered into Alvarez’s arena before anyone else — Despite being considered by most analysts as something of a ‘underdog’, he had more than enough confidence having found success & versatility against other champions previously with his tactical supremacy. While it may have been a huge task for him, particularly since Canelo showed an outstanding performance and knocked him out late within the fight through sheer raw skillset development ; this matchup certainly marked one of polarizing boxer’s greatest victories achieved over his storied history.

5.Miguel Cotto
In perhaps a less-discussed bout but no less consequential, way back in November 2015 saw these two celebrated fighters square off – with some seeing as though junior warrior Alvarez stepping up from lighter divisions – whilst others argued cotto retaining heavy experience should give sufficient reason for not underestimating what is perhaps boxing lore . A masterful technical display throughout rounds were put forth by both men here that culminating spectacularly in later rounds did finally lead towards ultimately featuring wide unanimous victory win favoring star-studded canelo : netting unquestionably what must surely be considered his career ‘coming-out’ party altogether then paving pathway primrose toward legacy-defining-level clashes onwards since.

So there we have it: five examples that demonstrate why Canelo has become such an enduring figure in modern boxing. Whether you’re looking for intense conflicts between contrasting personalities or tactically nuanced bouts pitting expert competitor againts equally-skilled rivals , these unforgettable moments will likely stay emblazoned upon memory bank forever nonetheless, re-affirming time and time again how beloved Boxing remains worldwide across horde of ages even centuries-long after its inception.

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