The Unbeatable Terence Crawford: A Look at His Last 5 Dominant Fights

The Unbeatable Terence Crawford: A Look at His Last 5 Dominant Fights

Short answer terence crawford last 5 fights: Terence Crawford, an American professional boxer, won all of his last 5 fights. He defeated opponents like Amir Khan, Egidijus Kavaliauskas, and Jose Benavidez Jr. with TKO or KO. His most recent fight was against Kell Brook in November 2020 where he successfully defended his WBO welterweight title with a fourth-round knockout win.

Step-by-Step Breakdown of Terence Crawford’s Last 5 Fights

Terence Crawford is widely recognized as one of the best boxers in the world today, with an unbeaten record and a real knack for winning fights in style. His last five fights are a perfect example of just how dominant he can be when he steps into the ring. Below, we’ll take a step-by-step breakdown of each of those bouts to show you why Crawford is such a special talent:

1) vs Dillian Whyte – 12th April 2019

Crawford’s fight against Dillian Whyte was his most recent outing and it showed all facets of his immense skillset. Despite being pushed hard early on by Whyte’s aggression, Crawford remained composed and picked him apart with some superb counter-punching.

In round seven, things really turned up a gear as Crawford unleashed several devastating combinations that rocked Whyte to his core. The Englishman simply had no answer to Crawford’s speed or power, and eventually succumbed to a TKO after ten punishing rounds.

2) vs Jeff Horn – June 9th 2018

Crawford started slowly against former WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn but quickly found his rhythm in round four and dominated from then on.

With lightning-fast hands and pinpoint accuracy, Crawford repeatedly tagged Horn with left hooks until the Australian fighter was floored twice in Round Nineand referee Robert Byrd put an end to proceedings declaring Terrence victorious by way of TKO.

3) vs Julius Indongo – August 19th 2017

This fight saw two undefeated champions battling it out for supremacy – Namibia’s WBA/IBF titlist Julius Indongo versus Omaha’s own WBC/WBO belt holder Terence “Bud” Crawford.

Although Indongo had length advantage over Bud; whose impeccable technique allowed him close distance before unleashing punches from all angles.Sooner rather than later came Bud’s first knockdown off of a clean left hook to the head followed by finishing combo thus ending the unification fight in three rounds.

4) vs Felix Diaz – May 20th 2017

Crawford’s matchup with Dominican fighter Felix Diaz had people talking, but ultimately it was Crawford’s quick and powerful style that won out. He effectively neutralized his opponent’s counter-punching threats early on and began picking him apart with some great straight right hands.

Diaz couldn’t withstand the onslaught from Bud long enough eventually leading to his corner throwing in a towel as they knew he wasn’t able to take much more damage.

5) vs John Molina Jr – December 10th 2016

In this clear-cut victory against tough-as-nails veteran Molina who might have been one of Terence’s weakest opponents over recent years,the now Unified champion imposed himself immediately landing hard shots from an opening bell.After several total domination round dominated by superior speed,power,and ring IQ, referee Tony Weeks decided to stop The bout after eight brutal rounds as John was bleeding heavily while being flailed helplessly around for most part of those.Ironically John hailed Terrence thereafter by stating him “too good” at post-fight press conference

Overall, these five fights demonstrate just how dominant Crawford can be when fully focused and committed inside the ropes . Whether it’s through explosive combinations or simply sheer skill, he has shown repeatedly that few fighters are capable of matching up against him pound-for-pound. Expect bigger things from this unified champ in future endeavors!

Frequently Asked Questions About Terence Crawford’s Last 5 Fights

Terence Crawford is one of the most talented, accomplished boxers in modern times. Over the last few years, he has taken on some truly impressive opponents and come out on top with stunning performances that have left audiences breathless. As a result, fans are always clamoring for more information about his fights – from who he fought, to how he won, and everything in between.

If you’ve been following Terence Crawford’s career closely over the last five fights (as many die-hard boxing enthusiasts surely have), then you may still be wondering certain things about each match-up. That’s why we’re here to answer all of your frequently asked questions surrounding Terence Crawford’s previous 5 bouts.

1) Who was his opponent during his fifth-most recent fight?
Answer: In July 2019, Crawford faced off against Egidijus Kavaliauskas at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

2) What was the outcome of this fight?
Answer: The “Truth” came out victorious with a ninth-round knockout after showing great sportsmanship and respect towards Kavaliauskas throughout their highly competitive bout.

3) Did Crawford retain any titles during this particular fight?
Answer: Yes! He successfully defended his WBO welterweight title for the third time since winning it back in June 2018 against Jeff Horn.

4) Who did Terence face next after defeating Kavaliauskas?
Answer: January 2020 saw him go up against former lightweight champion Yuriorkis Gamboa which served as an opportunity for him to claim another victory under his belt .

5) Was this an easy win for ‘Bud’ or a close call?
Answer: It ended up being something of a tough break where he unfortunately suffered ligament damage early-on yet managed to secure another knock-out around round twelve despite clearing strict doping protocols just before game day—and giving full credit to Gamboa for his competitive spirit throughout the entire fight.

6) Who was Terence’s third-most recent opponent and how did he fare against him?
Answer: In December 2018, Crawford faced off with former IBF welterweight champion and Olympic Gold Medalist José Benavidez Jr. – another fighter who gave it all he had but ultimately fell victim to Crawford’s technical precision, suffering a twelfth-round knock-out that ended the match in spectacular fashion!

7) Did Terrence defend any of his titles during this crucial win?
Answer: He sure did! The WBO went home once again as our man retained control over one of their most valuable trophies after taking-on Benavidez Jr..

8) And finally, rounding out the list – who were Terence Crawford’s other two opponents across those five fights?
Answers: In two back-to-back victories from June-October 2018, first upped Jeff Horn by TKO – then took on challenger Jose Pedraza Unification Fight which accommodated both boxers’ schedules that year.

Terence Crawford is not just an amazing talent and fierce competitor; he also brings so much excitement into every match-up. Whether you’re totally new to following boxing or a seasoned fan looking to break down his record in more detail, we hope these FAQs have been helpful. Of course there are plenty more questions to be asked about each individual fight depending upon where your interests lie however if you ever wondered what keeps Terence ahead of all others within the ring–it may very well follow along the lines of sheer skill set combined with inherent grit which gives audiences something truly exhilarating yet carefully calculated each time around!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Terence Crawford’s Last 5 Fights

Terence Crawford is a rising star in the boxing world and has proven himself to be one of the most talented fighters out there. In his last five fights, he’s faced some tough opponents and come out on top every time. Here are five facts you need to know about Terence Crawford’s last five fights.

1. He defeated Jose Benavidez Jr.

In his most recent fight, Crawford took on Jose Benavidez Jr. and dominated the match from start to finish. Despite Benavidez coming into the ring with a record of 27-0, Crawford remained calm and composed throughout the bout, eventually knocking him down twice before taking home a unanimous decision victory.

2. He won WBO welterweight title against Jeff Horn

Crawford’s big break came when he faced off against Jeff Horn for the WBO welterweight title back in June 2018. Many people were surprised by how easily Crawford dispatched Horn, who had previously beaten Manny Pacquiao in controversial fashion just months earlier.

3. He knocked out Julius Indongo

One of Crawford’s most impressive victories came in August 2017 when he knocked out Julius Indongo to become the undisputed light-welterweight champion of the world. This was an incredible feat that hadn’t been achieved since Bernard Hopkins did it back in 2004 at middleweight.

4. He beat Felix Diaz by TKO

In May 2017, Terence Crawford fought Felix Diaz and won via technical knockout in round ten after completely dominating the match up until that point with flawless technique mixed with power punches making sure Diaz was always on defense mode unable mount any type of offense played right into Crawfords hands finishing strong like always ending the night relatively early compared to what many anticipated would happen given their styles respectively leading up leading up towards this particular event meaning simply another easy work -day for Omaha native current holder multiple championship in many weight classes.

5. He beat John Molina via TKO

Terence Crawford faced off against John Molina back in December 2016, and once again came out on top with a technical knockout victory. This fight was important as it demonstrated his skill at finishing fights as he landed some hard shots on the veteran boxer before knocking him down twice in round eight culminating then ending thing for good.. Overall Crawfords percentage of stoppages shows skills to finish which is what people look for thrills and excitement during action packed contests , giving fans desire satisfaction watching his impressive knockouts always make sure viewers stick around till very end receiving a full dose motion-packed night with plenty entertainment value quintessential rising star today’s current period professional boxing scene wouldn’t be complete without this young champ adding further fuel to competitive fire that continues burn unchecked amongst elite fighters worldwide so be ready cause Tarencer Crwaford isn’t done just yet!

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